burberry bruiser

Poor, poor Nina Porter! The face of Burberry Beauty (along with Lily Donaldson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) was given the enviable spot of closing Burberry‘s spring/summer 2011 show. The Carey Mulligan-esque model was almost to the end of the runway when she finally toppled, forgoing one killer heel in the fracas. And it wasn’t smooth sailing otherwise, others teetered like Bambi on ice, while Shu Pei and Amanda Norgaard outright removed their shoes. I don’t post this with Schadenfreude, watching this show made me ridiculously anxious and really detracted from the collection! Shiny surfaces + precarious/ill-fitting heels = disaster!



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2 responses to “burberry bruiser

  1. peekaaboo

    I don’t recall sneezing or going to the fridge to get a Magnum bar or answering the doorbell but I did not see that fall! LOL!
    I was watching the show live stream too here at 17h15 but all I saw was Shu Pei taking off her shoes before attacking the runway and being applauded by the guests around her for taking the initiative.I think they all realised how difficult it was for the girls to walk on that horrendous shiny runway.Versace does it often too but the shoes have rubber pieces glued to the bottom soles to prevent from slipping.
    Poor Nia Porter.I think she’s only 16 & twas her first ever runway.I noticed in your video that NO ONE laid a precious finger to help her up!
    As for the collection I did not see anything innovative as usual.Bailey continues to rehash everything because he knows it works and will sell like hot cakes anyway.Even the boring animal print pieces.I have to admit I liked the biker coat dresses.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Hi Jeanne!

    I missed the live stream, but saw all the crazy reports on Twitter then checked it out. Nina’s fall is nicely edited out to a fade to black and she still looks remarkably wobbly in the finale as well. Felt bad for her since it was her first time and such a huge show! Those shoes did not look fun to walk in! And yup, hardly anyone helps nowadays – give the poor girl a hand!!

    Think I like Bailey’s fall collections better, this one was a little trite. Still love all the outerwear tho.

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