kanye namedrops catwalkers

We all know Kanye West is all up into fashion… so up that he devotes an entire verse in his new song titled ‘Christian Dior Denim Flow’ (yes that’s right) to namedropping a whole lotta models, including his sometimes rumoured girlfriend Selita Ebanks. Check out his impressive rhyming scheme:

I’m in my Christian Dior with a Veronica Webb
Noemie Lenoir, Chanel, Sessilee Lopez
Arlenis Sosa, Selita Ebanks
If you work with my people, speak that Jourdan Dunn language
Make a phone call, out to Joan Smalls
I wonder how it feel to lower Stone’s walls
Jessica Gomes, yall, I would damage her
And see, uh Jessica Stam got the stamina
I’m in the car with Leo and the Benz swerve
I heard Bar was friends with Esti Ginzburg
Coco Rocha, Kate Mimosa
Alessandra Ambrosio, Anja Rubik, get Olga Kurlyenko
Tell her I’m very single
Abbey Lee too, I’m a freak boo
I’m wylin I’m on a thousand
I wanna see Irina Shayk next to Doutzen

image: jak & jil / source: fashin


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2 responses to “kanye namedrops catwalkers

  1. WOAH, AWESOME! Who know you would be blogging about Kanye one day?!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    I did Irene, I did haha. He’s so into fashion, I thought I might have to post about him soon or later. Glad it tickles your fancy!

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