first look: lanvin for h&m

Thought the wait would be longer for the big reveal of Lanvin for H&M designs, but alas the first pic has leaked! The ad, starring Natasha Poly, Tati Cotliar, Hannelore Knuts and Jane Schmitt, reads like the greatest hits of Lanvin past with a one-shouldered dress, balloon sleeves, a tuxedo jacket, bows and pearls galore. And certainly can’t forget those covetable accessories either – I’m all over those sunglasses and what I hope is a grosgrain bow purse that Natasha/Tati are carrying! Hoping that the quality is at decent, but that might be hoping for too much…



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3 responses to “first look: lanvin for h&m

  1. peekaaboo

    Hi Sarah!
    Jane Schmitt is an actress and she was Coco Chanel in a V editorial Karl Lagerfeld did awhile back with a plus sized model dressed in Chanel.
    Jane looks fab here! I love her coat and the smoking dress a la YSL.
    The jewelry & bags are going to be great I’m sure.I heard the embellished T shirts are going to be hot too.
    Quality wise…well unless there are last minute changes it’ll all be mainly man-made fabrics like viscose or mixed polyester etc but if it works AMEN!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Hey Jeanne!

    It’ll be interesting to see how Lanvin’s structured designs are made using “lesser” materials and the price points for everything. Hope the quality stands up cuz when I buy H&M stuff, it tends to lose its shape and quality after washing. Regardless, I’ll be there in line Nov. 23!

    And totally thought Jane was Carmen Dell’Orefice so thanks for the background on Jane Schmitt!

    On my “to buy” list so far is a dress, a bag, sunglasses, a necklace and a t-shirt! But of course I might change my mind after seeing the full collection Nov 2!

  3. peek-a-boo

    Hey you’re so right about her looking like Carmen Dell’Orefice.Frankly at first I thought it was Daphné Guinness LOL!
    Forgot to mention the Ts will be in cotton I suppose & there might be a shoe or 2.
    Did you see Phillip Lim’s collection in China?Pics have leaked out but I’m not impressed.Our friend(LOL)Du Juan was on the runway of course.Lim had Chinese models excusively.

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