model street style: stam in lanvin x h&m

Stam absolutely rockin‘ a black Lanvin for H&M dress. I got the same one, but damn if I can pull it off half as well!

image: tlfan


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5 responses to “model street style: stam in lanvin x h&m

  1. peekaaboo

    😀 Luv Stam & she really looks so fab here keeping it minimal. Like you I got one too but wasn’t keen with the hem that kept going up when I walked in it. Had to have it fixed.
    Good grief I’m so envious how Stam gets away with the dress sans accessories. I was thinking of one big diamanté cuff on one wrist & a tiara (lol just kiddin about the tiara). She’s so lovely that smoky eye shadow’s all she needed!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    How’d you fix the dress? I never really tried it on at length so didn’t know it rode up. I feel that I’d want to wear it with lots of jewelry but perhaps the dress speaks for itself, that + an awesome pair of shoes 🙂

  3. peekaaboo

    Sarah I think I was the fool who took the only bad fitting dress on the rack. Or its because I do not have a curvy body. I can’t really explain why the hem goes up as I walk. A seamstress friend of mine sewed a discrete & flat weighted band in the interieur of the entire hem line to keep it from going up thanks to the gravity effect I suppose. Hope you can picture that. You know…its like Chanel Couture suits having those famous little weights (about 300grams I think) sewn inside the hemlines of their jackets to keep it straight and in form.
    It does not neccessarily mean you’ll have the same problem Sarah. I seem to be the only one among my friends who has this radical hem reaction.
    Still don’t know where to wear the dress to LOL but you’re right about an awesome pair of shoes to go with it.

  4. sarahdanslenoir

    You’re lucky to have a seamstress as a friend! I’ll let you know how wearing it is once I find the right occasion. I did wear the black asymmetrical skirt out last night and it was quite short (especially at the back) and rode up too often for my liking, but still loved the style!

  5. The dress looks good on her but I hate her make-up!

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