essential viewing: black swan

Just watched Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan last night and though I was warned it was dang intense, nothing can really prepare you for the crazy and captivating crescendo of the last 30 minutes. And though Natalie Portman’s performances never really stand out to me, she is this film and it would be a shame if she doesn’t win something. I definitely think you should go in not knowing a lot, so I won’t say too much!

I’ll only speak of the visuals of course and it’s interesting to see how the costumes are tailored to each character and their story arc. Portman’s sheltered and innocent character Nina Sayers wears white, pink and soft greys in contrast to Mila Kunis’ free-spirited and sultry Lily, who dresses in dark greys and blacks. And if you are a fan of Rodarte, you’ll be pleased to see Laura and Kate Mulleavy’s gorgeous creations for the film’s Swan Lake ballet.

images: black swan trailer / askmissa / fanpop / collider / direct previews


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7 responses to “essential viewing: black swan

  1. peekaaboo

    I’m anxious to see the film. I love glamourous psycho dramas. I’ve read that the critics have been mixed about Natalie’s performance but unanimous about the costumes & visual beauty the films exudes.
    There’s a lot of talk about Nat winning an Oscar here. If she wins a Golden Globe for it then its in the pocket I guess.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Does it come out in France soon? It has a bit of a gritty aesthetic like Aronofsky’s other films, but definitely visually defined. I think she should win something because the entire film is literally from her perspective and hinges on her performance. Usually I’m pretty indifferent to her acting, but she was effective in this role. Hope you see it soon!

  3. peekaaboo

    Sarah its coming out here in February. The critics I referred to were from the American press.
    I think she has time to win an Oscar as she’s quite young & all this build up about her winning it reminds me of Sandra Bullock before she won her Oscar for that film who’s name I’ve forgotten LOL. I think Natalie’s appeal is in her pretty & expressive face rather than her body language.

  4. I just saw the film as well! I loved it! I didn’t know what to expect, as I was the first one of my friends to see it, and didn’t really know what it was about! I was actually unfamiliar with Aronofsky’s other films, so I was impressed! Definitely worth seeing to anyone who hasn’t yet!

  5. peekaaboo

    Just heard that Natalie Portman is pregnant & the father is her current BF & choreographer of the film Frenchman Benjamin Millepieds.

  6. sarahdanslenoir

    Rachel, I keep telling my friends to see it too! One of the only recent films that has stuck with me.

    Jeanne, quite the gossip around Natalie hooking up with Benjamin Millepied! First that she homewrecked him and his ex, then got him in a better and bigger part in the film and now this…

  7. As much as this film scared me, I loveddddddddddddd her black swan outfit and make-up!!!

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