mary-kate in the rain

Had to post these pics of Mary-Kate out and about with Ashley, one because of her amazing ruffled umbrella and two, her beautiful Proenza Schouler PS11 bag (though it deosn’t beat my love for the PS1).

images: dlisted


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4 responses to “mary-kate in the rain

  1. peekaaboo

    MK always seems to be shunning cameras in public or huddling in a corner from gawking eyes BUT contrary to that she uses an unbrella that screams for attention! And then she and Ashley start running away like suricats when they see the papps LOL! True that umbrella is amazing.
    ( Not forgetting giving PETA the finger with that fur trimmed coat.)

  2. I must find out where that umbrella comes from:-)

  3. sarahdanslenoir

    Here you go Ariane, only 110 pounds:
    Way too much considering I lose my umbrellas every few months 🙂

    And Jeanne, perfect descriptions as always haha!

  4. peekaaboo

    Humm lovely as it is I wouldn’t spend that much on an umbrella either. I usually buy cheap black ones that fold as small as possible and fit in my bag. Umbrellas to me are like wristwatches …I just don’t see the logic in spending a lot of money on them. Having said that MK’s umbrella at least looks the money 🙂

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