the preppy handbook

MathiasPrepBette FrankeprepCesar & Mathias

Bette Franke, Cesar Casier and Mathias Lauridsen are prep personified for German retailer Breuninger. Totally getting flashbacks to my high school years where I wore enough khaki, loafers and oxfords to last me a lifetime!

images: the fashionisto


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2 responses to “the preppy handbook

  1. peekaaboo

    Love this editorial but the guys look more Ivy league than the girls, unless I missed a point somewhere. Anyway I’m never tired of the preppy look. I think Annie Hall changed the fashion landscape forever. Nice to see Bette Franke again. One of the few curvy models around.

  2. princessrainbowflower

    This is great! I love wearing more masculine clothes and that girl really pulls it off really well.
    love your blog! great pictures.
    I think you’ll like my blog:

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