my alber elbaz experience at ignite

Alber Elbaz at Deloitte IgniteAlber Elbaz at Deloitte IgniteOn Saturday, I had the absolute pleasure to get tickets (for free!) for Deloitte Ignite and see Alber Elbaz speak on the subject of truth at the Royal Opera Hall. He was everything I thought he would be from seeing interviews — self-deprecating, endearing, very sensitive and short, as he mentioned several times during his speech. He spoke on his journey in fashion from moving to New York and apprenticing with Geoffrey Beene to his time at YSL where he was “fired” to now where he works with people he loves at Lanvin. All very inspiring, all very Alber!

And the most exciting part is I met him briefly before his talk (thank god I had that Starbuck iced latte and had to go to the loo). Just turned the corner and wham! There was Alber in all his suited, bespectacled glory. Didn’t have the frame of mind to grab a pic unfortunately, but still came away loving Alber even more!

Here are some memorable quotes from his talk:

  • “I love TV, it’s like meditation.”
  • “Fashion is chocolate without calories.”
  • “I don’t take drugs because if I did I’d love them – I’d be a junkie. And because I’m Jewish, I’d probably be a dealer too.”

Watch the full video here on Deloitte Ignite’s YouTube.

images: my own

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