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leith clark for warby parker

While I’ve never fancied myself a Lula girl, I’ve always admired that aesthetic and the founder/super stylist Leith Clark (who hails from Ontario!). Leith extends her distinct vintage ’70s aesthetic to her second collection with Warby Parker. The collection pairs modern with vintage with girly touches such as filigree, a cat eye shape, and rose acetate. Even better, the collaboration supports Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s campaign that empowers girls to stand up for other girls around the globe by raising awareness and funds.

And as you may or may not know, I’m a glasses wearer and am so glad for some of the democratization of the industry with more affordable and stylish options. Warby Parker has definitely helped revolutionize the industry with a strong sense of social responsibility, and I’m raring to get my first pair next week on my trip to Toronto! Peep my top picks from the new Leith Clark for Warby Parker collection (shot by Vanina Sorrenti) below, and check out more here.




Images: Vanina Sorrenti for Warby Parker

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latest inspirations

isabellmaranthmThis week Isabel Marant’s lookbook for her H&M collection hit the net and while I’m not completely persuaded to line up overnight for this one, I am seriously coveting the grey coats and casual tees…

tumblr_mtpbck2bJp1qaaz6ko1_1280Adore this snap of the Vogue Paris team in sync in denim, heels and sleek basics, they never fail to impress!

tumblr_mt6yb0RaqC1rsuch2o1_1280Another street style photo that offers up great fall inspiration, just can’t wait for leather jacket-wearing weather.


Happy that Edita Vilkeviciute has finally scored a major cover — October’s Vogue Paris lensed by Mario Testino. Inside the main editorial also stars Anja Rubik in a sumptuous, French Riviera-set of images.

images: vogue uk / tumblr / tfs

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summer basics

Though black makes up most of my wardrobe year-round, I’ve been trying to keep colour alive with some summery basics… easier to do now that London’s been getting some decent weather! From top to bottom:

1. Zara Trafaluc speckled red shirt, my most recent buy
2. Zara pink jeans, a steal for £10 and very Isabel Marant!
3. H&M denim shirt
4. Saint James striped shirt
5. American Eagle cutoffs

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my first purchase of the year

Isabel Marant Dicker bootsIsabel Marant Dicker boots
Haven’t blogged in ages and ages (life really does get in the way), but I’m making it one of my New Year’s resolutions to get my blog back on track! And my first post of 2012 is dedicated to my very first purchase of the year — the infamous Isabel Marant Dicker boots. I’ve been wanting these babies for what feels like forever and I finally tracked these down while on holiday in Amsterdam from a boutique called Kabinet. Although I hadn’t quite intended on buying them, I walked out of the store with these in hand. Some things just can’t be denied!

Haven’t worn them yet (waiting until the weather lets up), but they are quite comfy from trying them on around the house and I’m looking forward to pairing them up with my pair of black skinnies. Definitely happy with my first purchase of the year and it fits one of my other New Year’s shopping resolutions — quality over quantity!

images: my own

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the cambridge satchel

Cambridge SatchelsBeen eyeing a Cambridge satchel for the past few months and figured it would be a great gift to myself once I find a job here in London. Still can’t quite decide on a colour (should I go with a bright trendy hue or a enduring brown or black?) for this sturdy shoulder bag, but will get my initials embossed on it for that extra touch.

image: who wear what


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the experience: lanvin for h&m

Excuse the shaky pics, my hands were probably frozen!

So yes, I did it. I was one of the crazy, fanatic Lanvin lovers who lined up the night before for the big H&M opening Saturday morning at 8am in Vancouver. I blogged, ogled and strategized over the collection for months, so I figured I better shit or get off the pot! And so I went, but alas the path to Lanvin nirvana was not all smooth sailing…

The snow…

(Big) Misfortune #1: The normally mild Vancouver got hit Saturday morning with its first snow storm of the season. The forecast called for 5 cm by morning and a low of -3 C. I can attest that it snowed almost non-stop all night! It was cold, wet and I often wondered if I would take off my shoes to reveal frostbitten toes…

Misfortune #2: My partner-in-crime who planned and plotted with me to line up for weeks bailed due to said snow. Luckily, my bro said yes so I would not have to suffer through the night solo.

That being said, it was still a worthwhile experience for Lanvin and H&M had it fairly well-organized. I lined up close to midnight after hearing a lot of buzz that the line was growing. There were about 50+ peeps ahead of me with various levels of preparation – full-on tents, blankets, lawn chairs, etc. I don’t know how devout everyone was about Lanvin or if they were just interested in nabbing the stuff to resell. But everyone was generally in good spirits and I met a few, nice people who were super-excited for the collection. And H&M had two security guards the entire night handing out umbrellas and magazines.

The line at about 5:30 am about 50 people or so in front of me… yawn.

At 6am, I was given a bracelet to secure my shopping time in the third group of 20 shoppers at 8:40 am, after which, I was able to break free from the line – finally! I went inside to the men’s line to battle the free-for-all crowds with my brother and a cute couple next to us. At 7, H&M brought in Starbucks coffee and pastries, which was nice and welcome.

At 8am, the men’s collection opened to total madness, most things were snatched up within 5 minutes. Either there wasn’t that much stock or the men were rabid… After 20 minutes of being body-slammed for bow ties, I had enough.

Thankfully, the women’s shop was much more civilized in comparison as there were only 20 shoppers allowed to shop for 20 minutes. I managed to grab most things on my list (leopard print heels, black heels, short-sleeved black dress, lipstick, etc.) and have a few regrets of things I didn’t try on (the one-shouldered purple and black dresses).

Adding to the overall quality, H&M did not cheap out on the packaging. Dresses and shoes came with a pretty cover with an Alber sketch and everything else came in a nice sturdy branded white box. I also received a free red scarf  in a gift tote bag, a nice touch!

All in all, if it weren’t Lanvin and Alber Elbaz for H&M, I don’t think I would have gone, especially not under snowstorm conditions!

Lanvin for H&M shoe bag
Lanvin lipsticks in blush, red and hot pink
Black pumps and lovely shoe box
Dress cover
Gift bag containing a thin knit scarf
Collection tag
images: my own


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on my radar

Lanvin for H&M of course! It goes today, I’ll report back with my crazy shopping experience soon…

Kate Moss looking chic with a fringe, I just went back to one myself, so I approve!

Le sigh, I know I’m spending oodles on Lanvin for H&M, but I do want this TNA parka in olive green as well! It’s a two-in-one jacket as it’s got removable lining — functional and cute.

Neutrals on neutrals — simple yet effective — model BFFs Frida & Jac do it up right!

And last but not least, happy birthday to one of my all-time faves, the effortlessly ethereal Daria Werbowy.

images: caroline’s mode / ? / aritzia / altamira / swinging-paris

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