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zara fall 2013






First day of August means fall style is just around the corner – something I eagerly anticipate every year! Zara kicks off the fall countdown with the release of their 2013 ad campaign set on the streets of London (how I miss it so!)  with some covetable structured coats.  The main line campaign stars Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Juliane Gruner, Mijo Mihaljcic and Ashleigh Good cald in wool, pinstripes, lace and plaid. Counting down the days until cooler weather!

images: zara

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london here we are

LondonLondonLondonLondonOlympic ClockNot quite settled in London, but slowly, slowly… Still flat and job hunting and hanging out in wifi zones! Put myself on a shopping ban until I find a job, so no Topshop for me! 😦

images: my own

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moving to london!

London!I have been remiss in posting lately, only because I’ve been crazy busy with a fairly new development in my life — I’m moving to London, England (feel I must clarify that after getting replies of ‘Ontario?’)!

After a hectic month full of start and stops, high hopes and visa applications, it’s all confirmed and I’ll be leaving my comfy Vancouver nest and jetting off to Europe in only a few weeks. Course it won’t be all fun and games… At the top of my to-do list is finding a flat and a job, but I’m moving with one of my besties, so this is sure to be at the very least a sitcom-worthy, mettle-building experience. But really looking forward to living in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities and the proximity to Paris, Amsterdam, Greece and more!! Not to mention the shopping

More updates soon!

image: heartdriven.tumblr


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